Is SEO Free?

Is SEO Free?

Doing your own SEO is free if you have the proficiency, experience, and skill. On a competitive level, however, doing it on your own is not going to work. It has become so complicated and scientific that increasing the engagement…
How Do I Use SEO On My Website?

How Do I Use SEO On My Website?

SEO is a complicated, scientific process that requires real education, study, and experience. If you are expecting to compete on a professional level in a major metropolitan area such as Los Angeles, New York or Phoenix, Arizona; and you have…
What Does SEO Stand For?

What Does SEO Stand For?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. By definition, it is adjusting website content, layout, speed, and colors using human psychology. This also involves taking action lines and other factors to engage visitors. The more you engage visitors, the more likely…
Who Is The Father Of SEO?

Who Is The Father Of SEO?

Personally, I like to consider Matt Cuts the father of SEO. He taught me a lot through his video blogs and through his personal podcasts, and online blog of his own. He’s also just a super friendly nice person who…
How Long Should People Stay On The Website?
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How Long Should People Stay On The Website?

How Long Should People Stay On The Website For A Good Engagement Level? As of 2021 and 2022, reports and statistics have shown that the average website has an engagement level of about 10 to 15 seconds. This means a…
Who Is Seo In A Company?

Who Is Seo In A Company?

SEO is called search engine optimization. It is the art of writing interesting, educational, and inspirational content that engages the reader. The other aspect of search engine optimization is the science. The science involves page speed optimization server speed, caching,…
Leaders In The SEO Industry Going Into 2021

Leaders In The SEO Industry Going Into 2021

Screaming Frog OneIMS Big Leap Ignite Digital Boostability 360I Thanx Media SEO Werkz OpenMoves WrightIMC Square 2 Marketing Straight North Digital Marketing Agency Scripted WebiMax SEOprofilers SEMrush
april 2022 google map reviews disappearing

Google Maps is Cracking Down on Fake & Incentivized Reviews

As of April, 2022, Google and other online review giants like Yelp, have been cracking down hard on fake reviews, which unfortunately has caused a lot of legitimate reviews to go unseen as well.If you left a review or someone…
thomas j seo top 10 2020 advertising tips
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Top 10 Online Advertising Tips For 2021

Top 10 Online Advertising Tips For 2021 Google searches from mobile devices were 20% of all searches a few years ago, now they are over 50%, soon to be over 70%. Having a fast loading website designed for mobile devices,…
youtube advertising tips

How To Do Youtube Video Ranking Domination

Maximize Your Youtube Views & Engagement Frustrated as to why your videos aren't ranking above other people on Youtube? Got a competitor with way fewer views and likes than yours but still, they beat you in the Youtube search? Ranking…
preview call history google my business maps

Google Business Profile: Preview Call History (BETA)

A new feature in Google Business Profile started appearing in October, 2020 for select businesses. We manage about 100+ businesses and so far only one client has had this appear so we are trying it out. Sources online say calls…
best webcams for the internet

11 Best Webcams for Live Video Conferencing

A webcam is usually seen as a recreational device, a handy instrument that allows people to communicate with friends, family, and loved ones in other locations far away. Many people don’t know that a webcam also has an effective practical…
thomas j stinson seo baguio philippines
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Content Writing vs Link Building

Content is the best long-term solution for ranking websites, links will fade over time, but content doesn't. I've ranked people where it took maybe 200 articles of content (240+ hours) of time to rank them for a large keyword; and…
When You Hire Someone With Less Experience Because They Were “Cheaper”

When You Hire Someone With Less Experience Because They Were “Cheaper”

I worked with the client for 7 years, love the company and the owner is a good man delivering high quality service and he has one of the best retention rates for employees I have ever seen, especially for their…
connecting with other people who specialize in their work

Do What You Do Best & Let Others Do The Rest – The Value of Teamwork

Going over all my taxes and business document stuff and accounting etc... and I simply HATE it. I don't enjoy it, I don't want to do it and I just want someone else to do it. Someone that knows the…
an error occurred preparing the software update

An Error Occurred Preparing The Software Update – Macbook Pro

I am detailing my journey through this update on my Macbook Pro so that it can help others. 2019 MacBook Pro 2.3Ghz, Upgrading from Catalina to Big Sur. The process... Big Sur downloads restarts then tries to install and gets…
using youtube to make educational videos
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Using Youtube To Gain Reputation & Reviews

You can use Youtube videos to help gain online reputation and positive reviews. See here how a law firm in San Diego, the Law Offices of Jacob J. Sapochnick, have made educational Youtube videos to help people all over the…
wichita website speed experts

Before & After Page Speed Improvement

Page speed is a ranking factor and conversion rate factor in a website. People are likely to leave a website if it takes more than 7 seconds to load, and about 4 seconds on average. With optimization techniques, a website…
video intro wichita businesses

Youtube & Company Video’s For Wichita Businesses

Youtube & Online Video Production Looking for a video production company to make your next company or personal video to promote your business and tell your story in Wichita, KS? One of our clients, Celco Inc, in Anthony, KS just…
long term business success

Main Qualities Of A Long Term Successful Business

Main Qualities Of A Long Term Successful Business Below is an ultimate checklist to achieving a high conversion rate for your website and for the long term success of your business. The more you take from and apply from this…
ultimate seo and wordpress tools list
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Ultimate SEO, Advertising & Account Tools List

Guide - Ultimate Seo, Advertising & Account Tools List On this page, I am sharing all the tools and resources I use to help me get my work done doing SEO and web design for businesses. GOOGLE Google PPC Google…
starting a business in kansas

Starting A Business In Kansas

How To Start A Small Business In Wichita, Kansas Start by getting an EIN number from the IRS, it's free and easy to do.  Read this article or go straight here to Apply For An EIN Online. Get A Business…
branding strategy

Brand Discovery Strategy & Planning

Brand Discovery Strategy & Planning You do not have a 'brand', until you have a name that people 'buy into'.  A brand is when people are willing to pay extra to buy your offering over another, just because they love,…
google map ranking tips

The Top 5 Google Map Ranking Factors

The Top 5 Google Map Ranking Factors In total, there are about 15 factors that determine a map listings ranking, here are the top 5 main points... Distance from pin-drop location (if you chose not to show your address, that…
google site kit
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New WordPress Plugin By Google: Site Kit

There is a new WordPress plugin by Google that very nicely connects your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Page Speed Data from Insights into one clean, easy to understand dashboard. I'm surprised at how helpful this thing is. Below…
best wordpress plugins

Best Plugins For WordPress SEO

The Best WordPress Plugins For SEO Here are the best and most up-to-date plugins for WordPress SEO. They help you manage and optimize page speed, page weight, critical rendering path, wording, keyword density, keyword linking and quantity linking. They help…
best video conferencing software list 2020

Top 5 Best Video Conferencing Systems in 2020

Whether you are coordinating with clients or holding meetings with remote colleagues, you need the best video conferencing system in 2020. Technologies like WhatsApp and Skype make it easy to communicate via video in our personal lives. Unfortunately, they don’t…
2020 best video editing software

2020 Ultimate Tools Guide For Video Editors 

Choosing the best quality of tools for your video editing software can often make the difference between creating a product that is highly polished, or ending up with a video that looks unprofessional. With so many amateur film creators generating…
hdc trailer 4

Logo Design For Construction Company

  Logo Design For A Construction Company We went through 4 different designs before finding one that fit with the company and was simple, clean and professional. Always nice to see the logo in action 'after the design'. Holley Development…
Microsoft Excel & Word vs Google Sheets & Docs

Microsoft Excel & Word vs Google Sheets & Docs

Using Microsoft Excel & Word vs Google Sheets & Docs Was trying to work with a giant tech company on SEO and they are still using Excel and MS Word with a database server that you have to manually 'check…