Who We Are

A senior level team that's been working together for 11 years.

Whitefish Media is a result of years of hard work and constant learning that offers creative talent, industry knowledge and trustworthy service.
Responsive websites, ecommerce solutions, corporate identity, graphic and print design, and what have you - each project is backed by an energetic bunch of professionals striving to deliver the best.
We have managed over $45M in Google Ad spend over 11 years and spent more than $1M in A/B testing in Google Ad and Youtube campaigns developing a master knowledge level in conversion rate optimization.
Our clients

Startups, small & medium businesses

Our ethos is simple. We care about what we do and help our clients achieve what they desire. We firmly believe that our growth is an outcome of the success of our clients. Their achievements translate into our rewards; rewards like repeat business and referrals.

Some of our biggest business collaborations have been formulated with a client-turned-partner. Our client-centered approach enables us to achieve all this while being accessible, transparent and honest about everything we do.

Our leadership team

The talent behind the reputation

We are a team of like-minded strategists, designers and developers who are extremely passionate about effective and usable designs. We are inspired by our personal experiences and interests which reflect in our simple yet powerful offerings.

Having several years of combined experience working for various brands and product portfolios, we realize how important it is for a business to differentiate and stand out through better brand communication and sales-driven designs. We strive to make things better and are willing to take action on it.

Thomas J. Kane

Thomas J. Kane

SEO & Marketing
Worked with over 480 different industries, amazing mentors, SEO & PPC corporate team leader for one of the world’s largest tech companies, GoDaddy.com; SEO company staff trainer, managed over $35M dollars in advertising spend since 2007 and spent over $1M in A/B testing, advertising manager for expanding a global e-commerce business from 5 English sites to 122 sites in 30 countries in 7 languages, former founder and owner of two #1 top-ranked SEO companies in two US states.
Ankur Verma

Ankur Verma

Design & Strategy
Ankur is extremely passionate about design in all its forms. He has worked internationally on web and graphic design projects for several brands, agencies, startups and charities. He believes in teamwork and leads teams to positive outcomes combining his skills in product strategy and experience design. Ankur is curious, and enjoys work that challenges him to learn something new and stretch in a different direction. When he is not working, he invests his time in becoming a better human, father, husband and creative.
Rahul Verma

Rahul Verma

Technology & Operations
Rahul spends the whole day, practically every day, with his hands in many different areas of web development, user experience, and visual design. He has developed websites and deployed customized web solutions for several clients around the world. Rahul loves WordPress and likes to extend it with his expertise in PHP and React.js. He spends his free time learning new technologies, listening to Rap and absorbing potentially useless information about the history of Rap.