Does Google Sell Your Search Data?

Does Google Sell Your Search Data?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Google does not sell your Search Data directly to advertisers or third parties. They use your search history and other activity to personalize the ads you see. Still, this data is used within Google’s own systems and is not handed over to advertisers in a form that identifies you directly.

Google’s business model relies on ad revenue, and they gather a lot of information about their users to make those ads as relevant as possible. The process of using this information is largely automated and anonymized; advertisers can target ads based on certain criteria (like age, location, or interests), but they don’t get access to individual users’ data.

It’s important to note that privacy policies and business practices can change over time, and my knowledge is only accurate up to 2021. You should always check Google’s current privacy policy and procedures for the most precise information.