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Core Values

Working & Consulting
Core Principles

“I worked for large companies like corporate, manager of PPC/SEO at and owned the best SEO company in Arizona, having sold that to move to Wichita, KS to be closer to family and be in my home environment. After one year, Whitefish Media was #1 for SEO in Wichita. Fewer clients, more personal attention. No cheap automated systems, no outsourcing.

I believe in being of great value to others and through that success comes naturally.”
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Thomas J. Kane
CEO, Whitefish Media

Do What We Say We Will

Do exactly what we say we are going to do every time (if we can’t, we provide a valid reason ahead of time, and the task becomes a priority)

Always Answer

Always answer our phone, never a machine or answering service – we don’t care how busy we am, we are almost NEVER too busy to take a call, big or small, everyone is important (if for some reason we missed a call, we’ll call back immediately)

Fair Agreements

Enter into fair agreements; well only enter fair agreements that are clearly outlined and equally beneficial to both sides, never will we accept an agreement where we know my end or the other end is shorter.

Top Quality Work, Every Time

Do top quality, ‘no stones unturned’ workmanship for everyone, no exceptions

No Cross Compete

We will not cross-compete, if you’re our client, we’re going #1, and we are not taking on anyone else in that same category in the same city; YOU ARE IT, let’s do it!

Do What’s Right

Do what we know in our hearts is the right thing to do, even if it means telling you that the painstaking time, money, and effort you or we have put into a wrong decision needs to be completely redone, even if it means telling you that you are wrong and losing you as a client.

Stand My Ground

If what you want isn’t going to work out for your best long-term interest and ego aside. We know better, and after a discussion with us regarding facts, some common sense, statistics, and proof otherwise, and you still decide to do it anyway – you are on your own – any warranties, guarantees, and promises of us helping you reach the top are out – we will not participate in your failure, only your success

Realize When I Am Wrong

Sometimes we’ll start something and realize a better way after we have already made good headway. We’re not afraid to start over and do it right away, starting immediately and without ego or complaint; sometimes the client is right or has a good idea, and it was better than mine, we’ll never let ego sway me from changing my mind or being open to new ideas and criticism, no matter how harshly it was delivered

Character vs Reputation

Character is what you do when no one is looking, Reputation is what people ‘think you are’. What we say we are and what you see, is exactly what you get.


If we can’t do it, we can usually find or know someone who can help get it done, and we keep a small arsenal of people that share most or all of these principles, so no matter what it is, we can usually help

These are the only people I want for clients, if you meet this criteria in your personal and business life, then you are my kind of people.