SEO Meta Tags Guide

SEO Meta Tags Guide

This is a guide to writing perfect meta tags for your website. This will help make it readable by people and get you ranked for your chosen keywords.

I employ a no-stone-unturned approach to writing SEO meta tags for search engines. I also pride myself on the advice I give so ALL questions will be answered to the best of my ability. If you have a question after reading, it means I can do a better job writing.

Now, without further blabber… the good stuff…

Webpage Title Meta Tag – Personal Chef Miami – Frodo Baggins

Notes: Keep it under 65 characters, place the keyword(s) first, like in the above example.

Description Meta Tag – Looking for a personal chef in Miami, FL? Frodo Baggins offers first-class, affordable, and delicious meal plans and has been rated one of the best personal chefs in Miami.

Notes: Keep it under 175 characters. Use the keyword twice. Follow basic sales flow to increase click-thru by

1. Addressing the search query (the thing they are specifically looking for).
2. Stating you are the cheapest (or lowest cost).
3. Stating you are the best.

Everyone wants the best for less, find a way to make yourself seem like you are the best for less.

Story: I was looking to get a hair transplant for my receding hairline… I looked at about 10 different hair transplant offices and surgeons. I interviewed 4 of them, but the one that stuck out the most was the guy who had on his site a “lateral slit technique”. The definition of this technique was so appealingly unique that it sold me on him, even though he was 20% more than everyone else.

After researching it in depth, as I do everything, I found that it’s just a way of cutting holes for new hair growth that many doctors use. The only difference was, that he was using the technique to sell people as a unique identifier to his practice and it totally worked!

So find a way to make yourself seem unique. In doing so, you can either charge more than everyone else and still gets steady business, or charge less and get a ton of business. Either way evens out.

Word Counter Tool (For making a good title and meta descriptions)

Keyword Meta Tag – Is no longer worthwhile, do not use this. This tag only gives your competitor the exact keywords they need to rank for and Google or Yahoo no longer use this tag to rank sites.

Image Alt Tags – For all your images you should have alt information, describing the image or what the image is associated with.