How Do I Use SEO On My Website?

How Do I Use SEO On My Website?

SEO is a complicated, scientific process that requires real education, study, and experience. If you are expecting to compete on a professional level in a major metropolitan area such as Los Angeles, New York or Phoenix, Arizona; and you have a common service like a family medical clinic or a roofing contractor, the only way you can compete and actually expect to get anywhere is by hiring someone who is a professional in the industry.

If you are a small business in a local small town with less than 30,000 population where there is not much competition, there are free tools on the Internet that can help you. These include YouTube videos and online guides where you might be able to learn how to get yourself found in that city.

The lower the population and the less the competition, the easier it’s going to be to get yourself found at the top of search results. That’s where most of the money is going to be because the top three search results are clicked on about 95% more than any other position on Google.