What Companies Can Remove Your Information From The Internet?

What Companies Can Remove Your Information From The Internet?

Several companies offer services to help remove or limit your personal information from the internet. These companies cannot remove all information about you from the internet, but they can

help remove or reduce your digital footprint on specific websites and databases that are compliant.

As of my last training cut-off in 2021, some of the well-known services include…

  • DeleteMe – This service removes your personal information from data broker sites, helping to reduce your online footprint.
  • Reputation Defender – Offers various services, including online reputation management, privacy protection, and more.
  • BrandYourself – This service is designed to help manage your online reputation and privacy. They also offer services to improve your online presence by ensuring positive results appear in Google searches for your name.
  • OneRep – Specializes in removing your information from people’s search websites, which are a significant source of personal data online.
  • PrivacyDuck – This service prides itself on manually delisting your information from data broker websites.

These services are limited in their ability. They can’t remove public records published by the government or any information you’ve voluntarily made public on social media and other platforms. Also, because new data broker sites and databases pop up regularly and existing sites may re-add your information, maintaining privacy can be an ongoing effort.

Be aware of the personal information you share online, and do your best to maintain your privacy. Privacy settings on social networks and other online platforms can also be adjusted to limit publicly visible information.