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How Did That Website Get Your Email Address

website got my email address

How Did A Website Get My Email Address Without Entering It

Did a website you visited send you an email at your own email address after you visited the website, yet you never entered your email address?

Shared Cookies

Some websites share cookies, so if you visited a website a week ago and entered your email address on it and then a week later went to a website that is also controlled by the same group, people, or company; the cookie recognizes you are on their partner website and may use the email you entered on their other site to automatically in the background send you an email, even though you never entered it on the partner website.

The cookie is stored on your computer in your browser, and it remembers you.

For example: If you log into Google Gmail, and then go to Youtube – Google transported your username and password from one website to another in the background and automatically logged you in to Youtube, since Youtube is a partner/controlled by Google also.

Look at their privacy policy and see if they do have a network of sites, along with a network of partners, that all share contact data entered on forms. you may notice that the privacy policy pretty much allows them to store and keep your email address on their sites, their partner sites, and even third-party non-partner websites.

Possible Coincidence

It is possible the company or entity that is sending you emails at your email address snagged your email from the internet and is coincidentally sending you marketing emails around the same time you are browsing their website.

Who Can Access Your Personal Information From A Website?

The only person who can legally access personally identifiable information from a webpage without your permission is law enforcement under a warrant for the search.