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How To Remove Yourself From Search Engines

How To Remove Yourself From Search Engines

How To Remove Yourself From Search Engines

Maybe you have a crazy ex, some lunatic stalker or have some other legit reason for needing to hide online.

Did you know that Google records your history even in incognito mode?

Your location history is being tracked almost every 2 minutes by your phone company, apps, and Google. Apps on your phone have your contact list and numbers you call and text. They can even turn on your phone camera and microphone at any time remotely!

Everything you delete is not actually deleted. There are information and micro backup files stored on the phone server and even in the battery itself.

Here Is A List Of Sites You Need To Visit

That’s pretty scary, especially if you have something to hide. I personally don’t give a d*mn because I don’t care what people think of me, and I am just plain honest.

An ex-girlfriend with a severe jealousy problem taught me almost everything I know, and an ex-employee with a vengeance for being fired taught me the rest.

Google – The Big One

And see who is connecting to your accounts, which devices and apps, and who you are sharing everything with.

Your account might be still attached to a phone you sold to someone else or a laptop you gave to a friend. Ex-girlfriends and boyfriends are still attached to your photos and photos you didn’t even know were being uploaded to a server online the second you took them, and it might be public!