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Mapping Customer Addresses

Mapping Customer Addresses

How To Map Customer Addresses

(To see where your customers are coming from)

This helps in a few ways:

  1. You can visually see where your customers are coming from
  2. You can see where your marketing is working best
  3. You can see areas you might need to cover more

Real-Life Example

I was doing advertising for a web development company managing their PPC campaign. They spent about $100,000 dollars a year on pay-per-click advertising on Google.
By collecting the customers’ addresses from their ACT Sales Database, I was able to show them visually where all their past, present, and potential customers had come from.

Check out the benefit of address mapping.

  • They spent $100k that year
  • $70k went to the national advertising campaign
  • $30k went to the statewide campaign
ALL but one customer was from their own state, and about 80% of those were within a 100-mile radius of the web design company’s location.
In just a few hours, I was able to save them $70,000 dollars and re-allocate half of that to go #1 for all of Florida. So they save about $30,000 and at the same time seriously increase their exposure in Florida.
Knowledge is power. Use it.
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mapping customer addresses


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