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Making PPC Ads Better

Making PPC Ads Better

How To Make Killer PPC Ads

Most business owners who do their own ads don’t realize that there are different ways to place auction bids on keywords, or that keywords with these symbols (match types) around them have a major difference in meaning and price.

  • example
  • [example]
  • “example”
  • +example

PPC Extensions & Live View Examples

Most business owners don’t know that you can extend your business ad listing in Google pay-per-click with ad extensions either.

For example, you can make the ad stand out with the following extra features…

  • Location Address in the ads
  • Clickable Phone number extension
  • 4 grey un-clickable declaration statements
  • 4 clickable links to separate pages of the site /w with optional sentence descriptions underneath
  • Review stars from a third-party verified website
  • A sales button that is clickable that goes to a sales page with a code
  • Making the whole first heading and 1st line description act as a blue heading in search

All of the above extensions have little secret psychological tricks and restrictions or rules to follow in order to show up properly or show up at all. Residual Rank recently took on a company that sells turkey and ham gift certificates to large businesses with hundreds or thousands of employees as holiday gift ideas for employees or customers.

Check Out The Large PPC Ad Below To See What We Mean

making pc ads 2015

PPC Ad Extension Example #2

PPC ad extension example

Have questions? Have additional information to add? Want your ads to be professionally expanded?

Difference Between Professional PPC & Google Ads Express

If you are using the Google Ads Express service, it is an automated system that does not get the same long-lasting professional results as having a custom campaign made by a professional PPC company or person.

Even the support offered at Google from the general support line for AdWords is not a professional grade service. The reps are very nice and helpful, but generally lack the in-depth experience and knowledge or wisdom in psychological tactics of ad content creation or market trends that seasoned PPC specialists might have. This is why some people turn to people similar to Ram PPC Company for insight into how to manage PPC campaigns.