How To Switch From Google Ads Express To Google Ads

There used to be a little ‘switch to AdWords’ button; as of August 2018 it is no longer there. You have to contact Google to make the switch.

You can just call the Google Ads phone line: Only open Mon-Fri 9am-8pm

Google Ads Phone Number: 1-877-509-4297 – (make sure to have your Google Ads ID handy)

switching from adwords express to adwords

Using A Web Form To Contact Google

… and if they are not open, you can use the form below to have them call or email you, they may switch it for you without having to call, but calling is the fastest way.

Either of the below forms will work to help make the switch happen.

Have Google Ads (previously called Google Ads) contact you by filling out this form:

Have Google Ads Express contact you by filling out this form: