Is SEO Worth Paying For

Is SEO Worth Paying For

Google’s Marketing Upheaval

When Google recently changed the way they rank business websites in their list of results it caused mass mayhem in the marketing world.  Companies raced to find out why they had fallen into obscurity when someone searched for similar businesses.  Confusion followed as people began to realize that doing their own SEO work was no longer something that could be done in their own offices.

Today, the top-ranked business websites on Google are from companies that learned quickly that paying for SEO was well worth the expense, and they are enjoying profits well above their competition in the online market.

What You Can Expect With Professional SEO

Imagine for a moment that your company sells custom titanium jewelry.  If a potential customer types into Google’s search engine “what is titanium jewelry,” your company website is sure to come up… eventually.  Even if you have a great, professionally designed site, you may well come up as the 300th link on the search results list without SEO.

If you’re wondering what that means for your business, search engine traffic breaks down like this:

  • First business link = 50% of total traffic.
  • Second business link = 25% of traffic.
  • Third business link = about 12% of total traffic.

The list goes on and follows a pattern that leads exponentially closer to the 0% mark.  So obviously, every company dreams of having that first link on a search engine’s result page to bring in the most potential customers.

The reason that professionally trained SEO specialists are worth paying for is that they know the proven methods to get your website a higher ranking.  After paying for SEO work, your custom titanium jewelry company could well enjoy the coveted #1 spot on Google.

The True Value Of Paid SEO Work

You may have heard that paying for SEO is a risky investment that does not necessarily guarantee that you will see an increase of sales.  The truth of the matter is, that the online market follows very predictable patterns, and as long as your business comes up on the first page of search results you will get an increase in traffic.

A good SEO company will fight tooth and nail to make sure that their clients enjoy the most elite position on a search engine list.  And a good SEO company is easy to find – just look at their track record.  If they have several companies that are now sitting pretty on the first page, they did the job well for them.

A professional and concerned optimizer will ensure that every customer not only earns back every penny of their investment but doubles or even triples it.

If you’d like to know more about professional and proven SEO work, contact Whitefish Media today.