Is Google Ads For Free?

Is Google Ads For Free?

Google Ads is a paid service. It is free to set up an account and create a Google ad campaign and Google has free coupons for getting your business started such as $50 for spending $100, and $150 for spending $150. As of April 2022, Google also offers partner companies, companies that have met a certain milestone in Google Ads management, and have become certified Google Partners $500 coupons to match the first $500 spend which gives you the same amount in free advertising for your local business right off the bat.

You end up paying for clicks, the quick cost can vary greatly depending on the industry and the competition level of the location or city you’re trying to get advertising in. For example, a cosmetic surgeon in Miami is going to pay about $18 per click for a keyword search for breast augmentation. A personal trainer in Springfield, Missouri where there is way less competition and way less population might be paying around $1.25 per click for anyone looking for a personal trainer in Springfield, Missouri.

Google has a service called Google Ads express for people who don’t use Google as professionally or have not had the experience and training to build a custom campaign on their own, I do not recommend this. The service has never worked out for anyone that I’ve ever seen use it, the automated system is still undergoing testing and it is nowhere near completion. 

With the right professional help, Google Ads is a guaranteed way to target customers who are specifically looking for your services in a specific geographic location. A professional Google ad campaign can be created in just 24 hours. If you’re starting a new business, I definitely recommend hiring a professional to create your Google ad campaign for you. You will probably spend way less hiring a professional than trying to do it yourself. Most people who try to do it themselves end up spending a bunch of money getting no leads and giving up and saying it doesn’t work when that’s actually not the case at all.