Do Google Ads Work For Small Business?

Do Google Ads Work For Small Business?

Done professionally, Google Ads really can’t fail once you have a baseline for how much you have to spend to get each new lead. It’s also knowing you’re closing ratio of how many visitors you can turn into customers, the number of people who end up coming into your shop or that you end up talking to over the phone or having a meeting with in person.

Let’s say you have three meetings and out of three meetings you end up getting one sale or a new client and that new client ends up spending $3000 to $5000 with you. You only had to spend $300 on click costs to get those visitors and get those three meetings and get that one sale as long as your profit margin is greater than $300 then you’re probably making money and it’s worth it.

If you try to do it yourself you’re probably going to be blowing your money. Google Ads it’s not an easy thing to set up. Google has developed a program called Google Ads Xpress for new beginners who don’t know what they’re doing. The software is still in a beta version, it is not recommended and I have never personally seen anybody benefit from creating a Google Ads Xpress account and having it work out in their favor. It has always been a waste of money and time.

You need to hire a professional person to create a good google ad campaign. The benefits are the cost will probably be 70% lower than doing it yourself and if you calculate that over the cost time of 12 months to five years, you’re saving yourself a lot of pain suffering time, and money by having a professional do it versus trying to do it yourself.