How To Find Out Who Owns A Company

How To Find Out Who Owns A Company

How To Find Out Who Owns A Company

My name is Thomas, I do internet research for a living, and some of my tactics to discover information are better than a private investigator, and faster. Below are the free & easy ways for normal people to find out who owns a company and figure out if someone is legit. I am regularly disgusted with the amount of BS on the internet and people giving each other bad advice every step of the way.

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I hope this information helps you.

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Words Of Advice In Trust & Relationships

If people are hiding, there is good reason, refer to my 3 rules of doubt below:

  • “When in doubt, find out.”
  • “When in doubt, don’t.”
  • “When in doubt, there is no doubt.”

If a company or person feels the need to hide by making their domain ‘private’, their name ‘private’, or not listing a phone number on their website, just don’t trust it. When there is doubt, there is no doubt, don’t! Check references, look people up, verify that sh*t. We will be in a world of identity theft and online theft, I have had it happen TWICE. Back yourself up, it’s okay to verify someone is what they say they are.

Need Help Finding Someone? Busting A Cheater? Finding Out The Legitimacy Of A Company?

Contact me at, keep it short and to the point, and I might be able to help for far less money than a private detective.