The Thankyou Page

The Thankyou Page

Making Use of the Thankyou Page

If currently your thank you page is not being used for anything. You can make it useful by doing these things.

Have these items on the thankyou page

  1. a.       Refer a friend

i.      A smaller but obvious banner/incentive for referring a friend

  1. Time Estimate: ½ hour
  2. b.       How to track an order or keep up with the status of a service

i.      Instructions on how to track the order

ii.      Link to the order tracking/customersupport page

  1. Time Estimate: 1 hour
  2. c.        Related products/services to the order

i.      Show products/services related to the order placed on the thankyou page

  1. Time Estimate: 2 hours
  2. d.       Feedback survey

i.      A form directly on the thankyou page for feedback, nothing fancy, just a single open opinion text box with a submit button like this.

ii.      Submit Button Text: “Got love? Got hate? Tell us!” or “Tell us how we can be better!”

iii.      Box: Normal sized

  1. Time Estimate: 2 hours
  2. e.       Social Media Icons

i.      Like button | Pinterest | Stumble |, etc.

With only about 5 hours of labor, you can make much greater use of a page that all buying customers see.