How Often Does Google Crawl A Site?

How Often Does Google Crawl A Site?

Google’s crawl rate varies depending on several factors. It isn’t fixed and can range from several times daily to once every few weeks or months.

These factors include…

  • Popularity of the Website – Popular websites that get updated frequently (such as news websites) are crawled more often than less popular or regularly updated websites.
  • Size of the Website – Larger websites tend to get crawled more frequently, as there is more content to index.
  • Changes to the Website – If Google’s algorithms notice frequent updates or changes to a website, they may crawl it more often to keep the search index up-to-date.
  • Server Health – If a server is slow or frequently down, Google may crawl the site less regularly to avoid overloading the server.
  • Number of Internal and External Links – Sites with a large number of high-quality links (both internal and external) are crawled more frequently.
  • Google’s Crawl Budget – This is a term used by SEO professionals that refers to the number of times Google’s crawlers (also known as spiders or bots) will visit your site within a specific timeframe. The more crawl budget Google allocates to your site, the more frequently it will be crawled.

You can also give Google a hint about how often to crawl your website through Google Search Console. However, the final decision on the crawl rate is ultimately up to Google’s algorithms.