Can I Delete A Google Review?

Can I Delete A Google Review?

The only way Google reviews can be removed is if it violates Google‘s policy. It is unfortunate that sometimes, an ex-employee or someone who just generally doesn’t like you and has never had any experience with your services might end up leaving you a bad review online. But unless they mention that they were an employee or indicate that in any way or make some comment that identifies them as a family member or someone who has a vendetta against you that is unrelated to your service, that review will not get removed.

As of 2022, the help team at Google for Google My Business is mostly through email, you have to submit a form to get the remote review removed and it has to violate one of Google‘s policies. Read through the policy and educate yourself on what kind of reviews you can get removed.

The best way to get a bad review removed is to consult the person who left the review, sometimes it’s better to give stuff away than it is to risk a bad review. These days online reputation is everything. You have to be very careful with your responses; don’t be defensive, don’t lash back, use the person’s name, acknowledge their concern by restating what they said, let them know that you are more than willing to help resolve the situation if you can’t contact them privately. Make sure your response to the review is professional, non-defensive, doesn’t attack back, and truly gives the feeling that you are interested in resolving the situation and that it was an accident and it will not happen again.