How Do I See Reviews On Google Maps?

How Do I See Reviews On Google Maps?

When you go to Google Maps to check a business near you or your business, all you have to do is click on the pin drop and then scroll down to see the reviews. You can sort reviews by newest or oldest, or worst or best. Be careful when checking on reviews. Make sure it’s not from the owner’s family members or employees. Also, look out for incentivized reviews where there was a T-shirt giveaway in exchange for a review on Google where the person never even use the service.

Usually, legitimate reviews will be detailed from a real account that has more than one review left on other sites. Real legitimate accounts also usually have pictures and reviews more than just that particular site. If you come across a business with a lot of reviews and all the reviews have only left one review and it was for that business and it’s a generic name with no picture and no Google history of their own, that might indicate fake reviews.

For high ticket items like a Jacuzzi or a pool or a roofing contractor, it’s okay to potentially find someone who left a glowing review or three of them and try to contact them and ask them how the service really was. Especially when you’re spending $10,000 or $50,000.