Best Ad Positions

Best Ad Positions

Best Google Text Ad Positions For Conversions

Best Ad Position For Products

I conducted a study using over 10,000 Ads in over 10 different countries and found that the best converting Google text Ad position isĀ position number 3.5-4.5.

Why? By the time visitors get to the lower right-hand side of the screen in browsing, they are done shopping and are ready to buy.

Yes, the click-thru rate is lower, but the sales per click are much higher in this ad position; so you end up spending far less and getting much more back.

The highest converting Ad position in Google AdWords PPC ads is position 4, as of March 2013.

Best Google Text Ad Position For Business

Since the introduction of Google instant and the Google maps being on the right-hand side of the screen, the best-converting Ad position for local businesses is now 1 & 2.

You can increase your conversions by having the form in the middle of the screen, phone number at the top right, web 2.0 design, street address visible, and a Google map pinpointing your location.