What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising?

What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising?

Marketing is where you are targeting people at random, it’s more like billboards and commercials. It’s getting your name out there and getting exposure for your brand, service or offering. It’s about personal recognition of your brand or company. Marketing is especially helpful when you need to get a new product that has never been advertised or seen before into the market. Marketing is helpful when you’re trying to sell something people don’t know that they need but after they see it will decide they want it.

Advertising is where you are directly targeting people who are specifically looking for your service or product, it’s much more targeted. I like to consider the analogy of marketing and advertising by saying marketing is more like throwing darts in the dark and hoping that some of the darts hit the dartboard, and advertising is more like shooting the bull’s eye with a laser-accurate crossbow.

In advertising, you are going to end up targeting people who already know they need you. They have an existing need and they’re specifically looking for your service. The job of an advertising person is to make sure that when that person needs your service, you are the one who is obviously going to resolve their issue better than anyone else who also offers the same service  

Marketing and advertising are often used together in terminologies however they are completely separate departments of a large company. Most large companies have a marketing person and they also have an advertising person.