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Fun (Rough Estimate) Advertising Statistics

Fun Advertising Statistics

Fun (Rough Estimate) Statistics

I have gathered up some fun statistics in my day, I just love them, here are some good rule of thumb statistics for you all to mull over. Hope you enjoy them!

  • 70% of all clicks are from organic ads
  • 30% of all clicks are from pay-per-click ads
  • 30% of all searches are for local businesses
  • 46% of searches are for products or services
  • 60% of all organic clicks come from the top 3 spots on Google
  • 75% of all users never scroll past the first page of search results
  • Global average CTR for paid search is 2%
  • Companies that blog generally have 434% more indexed pages in Google
  • Companies that blog generally have 97% more inbound links
  • Companies with more indexed pages get about 10x more leads from the internet
  • Monday – Tuesday between 9 am-1 pm brings the highest conversion rate for services or products
  • Internet users spend 3x more time on blogs and social networks than on email
  • Blogs are most read in the morning around 10 am
  • Link sharing amongst bloggers is highest around 7 am in the morning
  • Blog commenting is highest around 8 am
  • The majority of Twitter users are 18-34 years old and tech-savvy
  • Visitors spend 9 seconds entering their search phrase
  • 10 seconds picking an ad to click
  • 10 seconds on the homepage
  • 3 seconds looking at the graphics
  • Visitors read an average of 100 words in 4.4 seconds
  • 35% spend less than 10 seconds on the homepage
  • 80% read the first 100 words
  • 50% read up to 200 words
  • 20% read up to 300 words
  • 0-1% read 500 words or more
  • The average amount a person is most willing to fork over without thought is $40
  • People are 50% likely to buy more after they have already bought something else
  • 80% of people click the first link in organic results
  • 13% click the second link
  • Less than 5% click the third link
  • Ad position 4.5 is the best-converting ad position for products with Google PPC campaigns
  • Ad position 1-2 is the best converting Google ad campaign position for geo-businesses since the introduction of Google maps & instant
  • 9% of the population has a Twitter account, and only 40% of those accounts are active
  • Over 90% of the world’s population uses Facebook and the average person spends 11 hours a month on it
  • 3 pm on Wednesday is Facebook’s highest point for usage and sales from PPC ads

That is it for today, this is an extremely valuable list, especially if you do advertising to over 10,000 customers or have a customer base or newsletter list of over 10,000 people, switching your delivery time for a business newsletter from Thursday evening to Tuesday morning could mean an extra $20,000 in sales and faster closing times for leads.