March 5th Update – Google Business Profiles Discontinued

What Will Replace Google Search?

Per Google Support, from their update on March 5th to remove websites that were provided for free via Google Sites, are now


Starting March 5, 2024, websites developed using Google Business Profiles are no longer operational, and visitors to your site will instead be directed to your Business Profile. You can find out how to locate your profile.

This redirection to your Business Profile will continue only until June 10, 2024. Beyond this date, anyone attempting to access your website will encounter a “Page not found” error. To maintain an online presence for your business, consider creating a website using alternative tools and updating your Business Profile with the new web address.

Important Notes Regarding the March 5th Google Update

  • The website addresses ending in and have been removed from the website section of your Business Profile. It’s advised to replace these with a new web address in your Google Business Profile.
  • These changes do not impact your Business Profiles in other ways.
  • If your website was not created through a Google Business Profile, the updates discussed here do not apply to you.