May 5th, 2024 Google Core Update

google core update 1

Google released a 2012 update called The Penguin Update. It busted anyone using software to cheat Google into getting top rankings for their businesses and agencies’ clients. About 90% of SEO businesses used this software, and about 90% of SEO companies went out of

business the night after the update.

Our company was one of the only companies that did not use cheating methods in 2012. Overnight, we went #1 in Arizona, Scottsdale, and Phoenix on the first page nationwide.

The March 5th Google update already tore apart a lot of the AI spammers who were using the system to generate major content and ads to capitalize on this temporary loophole but a lot of people who were making thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a month are now making almost nothing.

Now, There Is Another Major Core Update Happening – May 5th, 2024

  • Scaled Content Abuse – Content farms using AI-generated content to target keywords directly are going to be busted
  • Backlinks designed specifically and purposely made to generate authority for a keyword/page may be dropped to a value of 0%
  • Site Reputation Spam Abuse Policy – Major online blogs designed for ‘guest posting’ to generate purposefully made content that gives a site authority will take a hit, also referred to as Parasite Content
  • Site
  • Expired Domain Abuse – Expired domains that people snag from the Expired Domains List and reuse them to help boost rankings and authority will be identified and take a major hit
  • Low-Value Content Policy – Content created solely for backlinks and is too ‘thin’ and not providing enough educational, interesting or inspirational value.

What does this mean for regular businesses? Some legitimate businesses might also suffer. Google estimated that 40% of search results would be affected, which is an enormous number.

Video on Google March Core Update & News for the May 5th Update