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How to Write Great Content For SEO

How to Write Great Content For SEO

How to Write Great Content For SEO

This is a guide on writing good SEO content for your website in order to make it readable by people and helpful in getting you ranked for your chosen keywords in Google.

Such as roofing contractor Miami or carpet cleaning Atlanta

3 Rules:

  • Address The Need
  • State The Benefit
  • Tell Them What To Do

On the internet, people are looking for specific information, products or services. It’s your job to…

A. Make it obvious beyond question that you provide exactly what the visitor is looking for
B. Provide a unique benefit that makes you seem like a cut above all the rest, for less cost and less hassle
C. Tell people exactly what you want them to do in order to reach you

How to Write KILLER Articles & Content

I’ve written over a thousand articles and optimized them all, led a team of 4 SEO writers, and trained them in lead generation & SEO writing styles.

How to write an article, newsletter, Facebook, blog or forum post that actually gets read and maybe even goes viral.

Look at your bit of content and then compare it to the below factors. Long story short… the more of these factors your article covers, the more interest you’ll get. The fewer of these factors your article covers, the less interest you’ll get.

  • It’s absolutely hilarious
  • It’s incredible or unbelievable (controversy)
  • It’s deeply emotional
  • It agrees with our worldview
  • It makes people stop and think
  • It isn’t covered by mainstream media
  • It will make someone smile
  • It’s dramatic
  • It’s embarrassing
  • It’s seductive
  • It touches on an immediate emotional or physical need

I am not for articles that inspire hate, anger, frustration or conflict via emotional or controversial issues. Always use love & empathy, focus on the truthful known facts and inspire a helping hand instead of conflict.

Perfect writing layout for maximum results and readability, also the readability should be 7th-grade level.

Catchy Heading H1

  • 100 words of text
  • Include location, a unique identifier & benefit of service

Catchy Heading H2

  • say something personal and unique

Take action line; tell people exactly what you want them to do.