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How To Get Ranked On Google

How To Get Ranked On Google

Ranking on Google

Google is the unchallenged champion of search engines. Google has become such a part of our everyday lives that when we look something up online we “Google it.” In fact, most of you probably stumbled upon this article through Google. With such a large pull over the online market, Google is the premier platform for businesses to showcase their services or products. The business that can make it to the top of the Google search list is given a vast advantage over other companies.

Organic Method

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to designing your webpage and online information in a format that will receive a high ranking on Google’s organic search list. The organic search list is pages that have been ranked by Google and received a place on its search list.

Google ranks these pages by:

  • Quality – Not only of the article but of the hosting website.
  • Relevance – Google uses keywords to obtain results. Pages that are not relevant to the given keywords receive a lower ranking.
  • Amount of Keywords – Spreading keywords throughout the titles, headers, and body of the Page will increase your ranking.
  • Uniqueness – A page that presents new information or older information in a newer format will receive a higher ranking.
  • Number of Visits – Just link sharing with random sites will not do. You must promote your business through banner ads, and proper link building.

The organic method is preferred because it attracts the most customers. An organic article is not a straightforward sales pitch, but instead relevant information with a short call to action. Providing relative information helps to draw in more customers than a straightforward sales pitch.

Getting to the top SEO rank is the best way, but not the only way to make your business prominent on Google.  SEM (search engine marketing) is another way to reach Google prominence.

Paid advertising refers to the small ads that appear on Google when you search for a keyword. Just like the organic search links the top paid search links will receive the majority of hits. You improve your paid search position by making bids for keywords – search phrases that relate to your company or products.

Inorganic search ads are PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements. This means that every time someone clicks your ad you pay a small fee to Google. Your bid will be how much more you are willing to pay for each click versus your competition.

Unfortunately, simply paying more is not enough to achieve the top ranking. Google applies similar standards to SEM as it does to SEO. If the information is not relevant or the site is badly designed they will not take your bid into account. However, the standards for SEM are much lower than those for SEO.

Organic Or Pay Per Click

Using search engine optimization to achieve a good position in the organic search results will deliver long-lasting results and free traffic to your site but also requires much more work and takes much longer. Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to drive traffic to your site immediately while you work to improve your organic positioning.

Ranking high in both organic results as well as paid listings delivers the most traffic and highest conversion rate.

Whichever method you choose, getting ranked on Google is not an easy process. Whitefish Media has proven success using SEO and SEM methods to increase rankings on Google. Contact us today for more information.