How SEO Can Help Your Business

How SEO Can Help Your Business

The Search Engine Marketing Revolution

For many years, getting your website to the top of Google’s list of results was as easy as hiding hundreds of repeated keywords in a webpage’s code – a technique that worked well for a very long time.  However, Google and other search engines have re-coded their algorithms to find and weed out these practices. They are also continuing to improve and change their algorithms, on a regular basis, to ensure only quality listings are being shown.

Getting the top link on Google now requires the complex and intricate art of providing website content that is well-written, relevant, and genuinely helpful to potential customers.  This art is called search engine optimization, or SEO – and it is the key to reaching the modern, electronic customer base.

Why SEO Is So Important In The Modern Business World

The internet is regularly used by millions of Americans, and statistics show that more than half of them shop online for products and services.  What’s more, Google has nearly replaced the traditional Yellow Pages as a way to find businesses in a potential customer’s local area.  Nowadays, if you want to be found, at least some of your marketing strategies must focus on the internet.

But that’s not all there is to it.  Showing up on Google is great, but if you’re not ranking on top you could be losing out on a significant amount of traffic and may never even get seen:

  • The first link on Google gets about 50% of the online consumer traffic.
  • The second link gets about 25% of the clicks.
  • The third link generally gets about 12%.
  • The fourth link is lucky to get 6%.

See the pattern?  By the bottom of the first page of results, the last link can expect to reach less than 1% of people searching for similar businesses.  On the second or third page, so far as Google browsers are concerned, your website doesn’t even exist.

How To Employ SEO For Your Business

As mentioned before, SEO work is an art form that requires education, skill, and raw talent to implement successfully.  For this reason, businesses that try to save money by doing it themselves usually fail in the endeavor and turn to a specialized SEO company.

SEO has proven time and time again that it can boost sales and get your business noticed by online consumers, but trying to do it without the proper skills winds up accomplishing nothing more than wasting time and money.  For the best results, it is always best to hire experts who know the intricacies of SEO and have experience (as well as a good track record) in helping businesses with their work.

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