Apple Maps Listing

Apple Maps Listing

How To List Your Business In Apple Maps

Was reading an article on expanding map listings and saw a post about how Apple Maps are used 3.5x more than Google maps. Thought it was interesting, I had never gotten into Apple Maps before because we’re not Apple people.

We are going to start signing up for Apple maps to see if there is any benefit to posting in Apple Maps and will keep you updated.

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Creating An Apple Maps Account

Pretty simple, follow these two steps:

  1.  Create an account with a business email:
  2.  Login here to set it up:

I tried to find the app in the play store, but it does not show up. I might have to get an iPhone for this.

Couldn’t hurt to get listed in Apple Maps.

Here are some directions we found online for setting up the Apple Maps:

  1. Open the Apple Maps app
  2. Search for your business name
  3. Select the page fold in the bottom right
  4. Select report a problem
  5. Select location is missing, then next
  6. Enter your business details, enter a good name that identified who you are and what you do, and where you are
  7. Select your category
  8. Select Send