Everyone’s a Hero: As Seen on QVC! – Kettle Heroes Popcorn Brand

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Everyone’s a Hero: As Seen on QVC! – Kettle Heroes Popcorn Brand

Kinda proud to say this is one of our long term clients, we are redoing their whole branding image and website online right now too, as well as nationwide ranking and advertising. Started as a small shop in Arizona and…
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Logo Design For Construction Company

  Logo Design For A Construction Company We went through 4 different designs before finding one that fit with the company and was simple, clean and professional. Always nice to see the logo in action 'after the design'. Holley Development…
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The Future Of Online Marketing & Voice Search

Voice Search & The Future of SEO It is estimated that by 2020, 30% of all website sessions will be conducted via voice search – without a screen. Another prediction by comScore put the statistic at 50%. You may be…
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Google Medic Updates – Compliance Guide

Google Medic Updates - Compliance Guidelines There was a major Google Update, nicknamed the Medic Update in November 2018, then in March this year, another one rolled out in June but they kept it quiet; unless you had a health…
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Wichita Networking

Great Networking Groups In Wichita KS Below are some of the networking groups in Wichita, KS. This list was compiled with the help of Larry Cox, who owns Kansas REI, which is one of the best Home Inspection Companies in…
Rights To Residual Rank

Rights To Residual Rank

Thomas Kane In Kansas Acquires Residual Rank Domain Name After two years of its creation, a lot of hard work, research, writing, and delivering results for its clients, Thomas Kane has acquired full rights to use and own Residual Rank…

CitiImpact Tornado Relief Organization

I've been doing Google Ranking as a volunteer for an International Crisis Relief Organization http://www.citiimpact.org/ - that delivers goods, supplies and personal aid to disaster victims, during the Louisiana flooding over 25,000 people lost their homes. I'm really proud of…
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