Website Design & SEO – Window Repair Company

Website Design & SEO - Window Repair Company

Website Design & SEO – Window Repair Company

We’ve been working with a client that does window repair for automobiles. They came to us with a website that looked like it was made in the 1990s.

They are one of the oldest and most reliable window repair companies in Arizona, having served over 150,000 customers and in business for over 15 years in the Phoenix Valley.

Mobile-Friendly Design, New Website & SEO Advertising

We recreated their website to look like an industry-leading company, touched up their existing logo, and created a new mobile-friendly website for mobile devices so that they would survive Google’s Mobilegeddon, update.
Taking into mind the intelligence of simplicity, new age colors, the current market, and a thorough examination of the competition, we have created a whole new online presence for Reliable Glass AZ online.

In 6 months, we’ve lifted the natural search traffic by 500%

SEO For Auto Glass Companies

We have successfully increased the natural/organic website traffic to the business by over 500% in the past six months. We are tracking the leads from calls and form submissions to prove that it’s the SEO and PPC advertising that are driving the new leads.

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