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The Top 5 Google Map Ranking Factors

google map ranking tips

The Top 5 Google Map Ranking Factors

In total, there are about 15 factors that determine a map listings ranking, here are the top 5 main points…

  1. Distance from pin-drop location (if you chose not to show your address, that can make a less desirable difference)
  2. Quantity & quality of reviews (detailed reviews are considered better quality than simply “great customer service!”
  3. Keywords (service/location) In Business Title (note that Google policy says you must use your business name)
  4. Hours, biz description, holidays and extra info all filled out
  5. The number of time the name, address and phone number (NAP) appear on other sites on the internet (also called citations)

You can see some examples listed here:

Other Ranking in Google Maps Tips

These are some basic helpful tips on how Google maps ranks it’s listings and raises one listing to the top local 3 pack over others.

  • Quantity of reviews
  • The number of business directory listings (called citations) that exactly match the information in the map listing which are from other business directory websites, like Yelp.  It must include the SAME phone number, address, and business name, (also called NAP).
    • The quality of the directory website matters, for example, is better than
  • is necessary; you can negotiate to $400 for one year per location; list your business in the top 77 business directories and then do not auto-renew the next year as your information will stay in those directories, you only have to pay again if you change the name, address or phone number or website addresses.
  • Having good quality, clear picture images and having enough of them, the more the better; the limit of 25 was just lifted, you can now upload as many as you want; businesses with more images rank better
  • Having videos
  • Having the 360 video tour (by a certified google tour photographer)
  • Choosing the right categories for the business (you may fit into more than one, search around)
  • Getting people to notate the other reviews as ‘helpful’ with the little thumbs-up, the more the better
  • The actual business name and having the keywords inside the name (only if it’s your business name, otherwise it is a violation of Google’s terms of service)
    • This title would get high priority fast: Scottsdale’s Luxury Auto Detail Shop
    • This title would get low priority and take longer to rank: Jacks Detail
      • Note: Google policy requires the name match your ACTUAL business name, you face potential suspension and eventually they may enforce this policy if you cheat the keywords of your business name
      • Note: If you have the opportunity to start with a well-targeted business and it’s your actual business name, in a local city, go for it.
  • Fill out the business description, holiday hours, services sections

I have an advanced list of tips that go beyond this basic list, but for a fee, because it took years to figure out how the algorithm really works. In my paid video training I go into depth on the subject giving you advice and secrets you cannot find ANYWHERE else on the internet. Contact me for details.