SEO For Photographers

SEO For Photographers

SEO For Photographers

Looking for an SEO company that is experienced in advertising in Google for Photographers? We’ve dealt with so many Photographers in our day that we have the number of expectations down to a science.

How Does SEO Benefit Photographers?

After 6 months you can expect up to 600 people visiting your site who were specifically targeted because they were looking for a photographer like you.  Those visitors turn into leads through intelligent writing and advertising, those leads then turn into sales for your business.

If you got 12,000 new visitors per year, and turned just 5% into sales at an average profit of $400 per customer, considering each person is worth through repeat business and referrals a 2.1x ratio…  that’s an extra $20,000 per year.

What Is The Average Cost For SEO For Photographers?

The average photographer can expect to spend about $540.49 cents per month and the average lead cost is about $54 dollars for the first 6 months.

That average goes down considerably after the first page and #1 Google/Bing rankings are achieved. Once top ranking is achieved, the maintenance is usually 5x less effort than getting there in the first place. Just like working out in the gym, once you gain the muscle it is much easier to keep and maintain it.

What Kind Of Traffic Can I Expect?

It depends on your target city/cities and the type of photography you do, but generally, you can expect an extra 100 visitors to your website each month from SEO service for Photography.

So after 12 months, you can generally expect to have 1,200 new visitors to your site each month… if you were to quit the SEO service, you can generally expect a depreciation rate of 15% in traffic each year if there is no SEO maintenance.


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