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See Who Owns A Domain Name

See Who Owns A Domain Name

How Do I Find Out & See Who Owns A Domain Name

Want to know how to see who owns a domain name? It’s easy to find out, even if the owner has privacy on their domain. Follow this simple guide.

Every person in the world who owns a domain name has their name, address, phone, and email address listed publicly on their domain’s contact information page, and by internet law through, this information MUST be public AND accurate.

It’s Called Doing a ‘whois’ Search

What If Someone Has “Privacy” On Their Domain Name?

You look up the domain name and someone has something called Domains By Proxy or ‘privacy’ on all the contact information.

If all domain information has to be public, how can they do this? Domain registration websites like ‘Godaddy’ and ‘Network Solutions’ have created a system to help you keep your domain contact details private.

To put it VERY short: If a person enabled privacy on their domain name, they actually gave ownership of their domain name to the privacy protection company. Kinda like leasing a car.


…if there is ever a single second where that domain did not have privacy on it, it is now saved in ‘whois’ history databases and is publicly available to databases that provide this information.


  • Sally got a domain for her porn website, then a week later decided she needed privacy, so she bought it a week after buying the domain.
  • To the lamen, the domain looks like it has privacy on it on a normal ‘whois’ lookup.
  • But that one week of non-privacy caused her domain to be listed in the history databases.
  • And is now available to the public for a fee from the companies that collected that data.

See The Domain Whois Overall History

The absolute best website for viewing domain history, is Domain Tools. If you REALLY want to know who owns that domain, visit domain tools, sign up for an account and do a check for the domain.

From there you can see…

  • Who all has ever owned the domain, even for a second.
  • The related domains match any bit of contact info from the first.

From there you can find someone’s name, address, phone, emails… and a lot of other stuff.

If you get that far, contact for additional help.