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Power of Reputation Management

Power of Reputation Management

Behold, The Power of Reputation Management

The easiest way to maintain and keep a good reputation is to simply not do things you know may be viewed in a bad light. However, good people do make mistakes, sometimes without even knowing it.

What Everyone Else Thinks

Don’t say you don’t care what anyone else thinks because it’s just not true. What everyone else thinks of you is a direct result of your reputation maintenance abilities combined with your real character.

“Reputation is what people know about us, character is who we really are.”

We must make sure our character is reflected well in our reputation, it is YOUR responsibility (or your reputation managers’) to ensure people know your good deeds, actions, and thoughts.

The world may see you and judge you based on a few things when in reality you are made up of thousands of things. Whether those things are good, bad or ugly determines our character. What the world knows determines our reputation.

Reputation Can Be Damaged In A Second

A bad reputation can bring a moment, day, week or life of hell. A single slip and our reputation can be damaged forever, it may not ever matter how innocent you really were or how much truth there is to the gossip, if enough people heard about it or saw some small piece of it, it will never go away.

“A man can build a thousand bridges and suck one cock, and he is not a bridge builder, he is a cocksucker.”

How We Are Judged & How To Combat It

People remember the last thing they knew about you the most.

When You Finish Well

If you were the company’s biggest jerk off for 5 years and in the last month of your employment treated everyone like kings and queens, it will literally psychologically instill in them the memory of you being a saint at that company.

When You Finish Badly

If you were a saint at the same company for 5 years and in the last month became a jerk off to everyone during the last month of your employment, people will remember you as that jerk off.

One of my idols, Nick Vujicic, says “It doesn’t matter that you won, it matters how you finished. Are you going to finish strong?”

Even saints have false rumors and gossip which follow them. There is nothing harmful, wrong or shady about managing your known reputation to accurately reflect that of your character.

In today’s world, it is not enough to simply be a good person. You must let the good things you have done be known so that others will see and learn from them. Everyone makes mistakes, and through proper reputation management, we can adjust those mistakes, call them learning experiences and turn them into positive, and inspirational motives for others.

It’s time to do a little spring cleaning in your life and in the minds of everyone who sees you in dimmer light.

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