How To Remove Gutenburg WordPress Blocks

How To Remove Gutenburg Wordpress Blocks

So I logged into WordPress today and was shocked that the simple way to post and make pages had changed and turned into these really cheesy ‘blocks’. I tried desperately to find a way to take the blocks off so I could edit my page like normal and then started to panic because I manage like a dozen client sites and write over 1000 articles and posts a year, and these blocks just destroyed my day when I found they came with a WordPress 5.0 update.

I tried to think of a simple way to do my job like I used to and couldn’t, and suddenly started panicking more because these blocks would prevent me from making faster pages by copying code templates from page to page, and I suddenly saw myself working more than 60 hours a week for the next year to make up for the slowness and just… WTF design of WordPress 5.0… when…

Someone told me there is a plugin that can bring our precious WordPress back.

The Plugin That Removes WordPress “Blocks” & Brings It Back To Its Former Self

There is the link above, and I made that link without needing to add a block, thank goodness.