How To Find The Best SEO Company

How To Find The Best SEO Company

Finding A Good SEO Company

If you want your company to show up on top when users search for your services, then you’ll need the best SEO company to help you beat the competition. Unfortunately, there are quite a few companies out there that claim to be the best and therefore it can be difficult to determine which one really is the best SEO company to use. The best way to start is to ask the following questions:

  • Is their website ranked high?
  • Do they provide client testimonials and/or portfolios of work done?
  • Is SEO their primary business?

Is Their Website Ranked High?

Search engine optimization is all about improving search engine ranking and if you’re trying to find a good SEO company then you’d think they would at least be able to rank high on Google right? I mean, if they’re unable to get their own site ranked for “SEO Company” do you really think they’ll be able to get your site ranked for your industry?

SEO is constantly evolving and it’s imperative that you’re working with a company that stays up-to-date on the changes that search engines make on how they rank sites. For example, the summer of 2013 brings a new update to Google’s ranking algorithm which will work to weed out spam articles and backlinks.

So an SEO company that offers to get you hundreds or thousands of backlinks, while that used to be good for rankings, will now cause your site to low rank and likely get lost in the plethora of search results.

Are There Testimonials & Portfolio?

Unfortunately, as search engine optimization is a young industry, there are quite a few SEO companies springing up all over the place but are they really experienced? Can they help your website dominate its industry and pass up your competitors on the search engines? It’s important that a good SEO company provides testimonials and a portfolio of work done for its clients.

This will allow you to not only determine whether the SEO company provides good customer service and quality work, but also shows whether they have extensive experience. If their portfolio consists of one, two or even six sites, it sure doesn’t give much confidence in them. You generally want to see an SEO company that can proudly display at least 10 examples of sites they have built or provided SEO services for.

Now check them out, do the sites look good? Try going to one of the sites in the portfolio, determine what that company does and where they are located, and do a Google search for them. Do they rank high? A good SEO company will not only get itself ranked high but will also deliver results to its clients. That is what you want, results.

A company can promise you the world, or charge you next to nothing for their services but the bottom line comes down to the results they deliver.

Is SEO Their Primary Business?

The company that you host your website with likely offers SEO. A lot of internet companies will offer SEO services as an add-on service to their primary services. Unfortunately, this generally means that they are outsourcing the SEO work or aren’t very experienced with it.

When a company outsources its SEO services, this adds an extra cost which leads to getting very little for what you’re actually paying. Outsourced services can also result in miscommunications, poor customer service and long turnaround times.

If a company offers SEO services as an add-on service but does the work in-house, there’s a good chance they aren’t very experienced with SEO and/or don’t actually put much effort into research and training. Therefore they are likely to provide sub-par service when it comes to SEO services.

How To Find The Best SEO Company

Once you’ve asked yourself the above questions, if you’re still not sure which is the best SEO company or are having trouble sifting through all the results, then you may want to consider searching for a local SEO company.

Try doing a search on Google for “seo company in [insert your city or state]” and find a local company. Again, make sure to ask the above questions to determine if your leading local SEO company is qualified to provide the best possible service and has proven results.

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