Does SEO Still Work

Does SEO Still Work

The Death Of Spamdexing

The most trusted search engine available, Google, has launched an ever-escalating crusade to remove scams and spams from its lists of search engine results.  Old tricks like overusing keywords, using invisible or hidden text, and article spinning no longer work because Google has gone to such great lengths to remove any sites that use these so-called “black-hat” SEO tactics.

But, all the cheating aside, the fact is that SEO not only still works, it actually works better now. Optimizing a website now requires hard work and no small amount of diligence to be effective – but any company or business that employs good, well-written content can reap greater benefits over other companies that still attempt spamdexing techniques.

Real SEO That Still Works

Google is very much on top of eliminating the dark side of SEO. The only SEO work that is still effective requires:

  • Good Content – SEO articles and pages must be well-written, employ keywords in a natural, organic way, and maintain relevance to the subject at hand.
  • Research – Google checks and rechecks facts.  Any pages that offer false information will eventually be scrubbed out.
  • Usefulness – An SEO article must be able to offer good, in-depth information that is genuinely helpful to the reader.
  • Originality – Google has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for plagiary, and any un-original content will cause your rankings to dive into the zero range.
  • Time – The entire process of writing a good, solid, beneficial SEO article can literally take hours, and any shortcuts will not go unnoticed by Google.

Creating SEO content that still works is somewhat labor-intensive and time-consuming – but the fact that fewer companies are taking the time to do it right means that any business that does can gain an almost instant boost in web traffic and online sales.

Find An Artist Of SEO Work

Search Engine Optimization has become a real, full-time job that requires a specialized skill-set and real, hard work.  This means that if you want to take full advantage of SEO you need to find a specialist that gets you real results without using the underhanded tricks-of-the-trade that Google has come to despise and reject.

Any SEO service worth its pay will not only get you noticeable results in the first month or two but bring in a return that more than doubles your investment.

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