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Before & After Page Speed Improvement

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Page speed is a ranking factor and conversion rate factor in a website. People are likely to leave a website if it takes more than 7 seconds to load, and about 4 seconds on average.

With optimization techniques, a website can load in 1 second.

If you are interested in finding out more about load testing and it’s features you could visit somewhere similar to for more information. Here is a deeper analysis:

“Walmart did a study and found that their website gained
2% in online sales for every 1 second of improvement.”

So if your website loads in 8 seconds and you improve the load speed by 6 seconds, that’s a 12% gain in your potential lead volume.

Things We Do To Make Websites Load Faster

  • Move to a dedicated server and get off shared hosting
  • Compress text content
  • Minimize Javascript code sizes
  • Minimize CCS style scripts
  • Reorganize the loading of all scripts (optimize the critical rendering path)
  • Resize all images to hash-code
  • Test mobile and desktop versions for 90%+ page-speed score in Google Insights

Before & After Website Load (Page Speed) Improvement

Here is a national bank construction company located in Wichita, we improved the page load speed time by about 6 seconds, you can see it under the “fully loaded time” section. This was one of the harder ones because their website is image rich due to the industry they are in.

If You Want To Optimize Your Own Page Website Load Speed

Here are some plugins for non-techy users on WordPress Plugins For Website & Page Speed

Here is a great resource: